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Tenured Quality Assurance Manager, Terra McCrory, Joins QMS


Quality Mortgage Services LLC is proud to welcome Terra McCrory as Senior QC Mortgage Analyst, a new hybrid role designed to attract industry talent to fulfill key audit positions in a remote capacity. This role will assist QMS in bringing additional industry expertise to their review, audit and analysis components of quality control.

Immediately prior to this position, McCrory worked for Guild Mortgage Company as their Quality Assurance and Risk Manager. In this capacity she oversaw internal audit, QA and risk management, extending to processes supporting sales, operations and third-party vendors. For most of her career, McCrory has managed areas of quality assurance, from underwriting to audit, forensic review, defect analysis and repurchase mitigation for wholesale and residential mortgage origination channels, as well as banks. McCrory has spearheaded these efforts in multiple industry shops, including Corporate Mortgage Advisors, Fieldstone Mortgage, and Rancho Vista National Bank. “I’m excited to have the opportunity to share my experience and help numerous organizations achieve their QC goals with QMS,” said Ms. McCrory.

“The QMS team is pleased to have Ms. McCrory join our team of experienced industry QC and audit professionals,” commented Laura Kate Davis, QMS VP of QC Operations. “We pride ourselves on offering established mortgage banking quality control audits and audit technology software on an outsourced basis. McCrory will help us continue to expand our capabilities and better serve our valued client base.” added Tommy Duncan, QMS CEO. At QMS the focus is on helping clients overcome industry obstacles, such as recent evolving COVID-19 requirements. The QMS staff of experienced mortgage auditors are trained to help clients navigate today’s volatility in regulation and oversight, as well as achieve operational success in meeting quality control and audit requirements.

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