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Powered by MARS 
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Real-time reporting offered in a robust QC reporting suite.

Today’s executives and managers need access to real-time reporting that leverages compliance data to yield trend analysis, issue identification, resolution status, score card capabilities and much more. QMS offers a robust QC reporting suite designed to help management meet the challenges that arise daily and provide confidence that QC processes are running smoothly throughout the organization.

  • Reporting options include risk association reports, fraud pattern analysis, compare and contrast reporting, as well as charts and graphs.

  • Sophisticated underwriting reports analyze the number and degree of mortgage audit findings per underwriting, and identifies risk trends by both underwriter and originator.

  • Annual QC reviews allow lenders to compare their results against the industry and peer groups for all loan investor types.

Reviewing Reports at Desk

Here are just a few of the reports we have available in MARS:

  • Management Response Reports

  • Cleared Responses Report

  • Gross and Net

  • 120-day-tracking

  • Risk Summary Report

  • Risk Association

  • Compare/Contrast

  • Trend Reports

  • Defect Reports

  • Defect Rate Reports

  • Re-verification Reports

  • Staff Performance

  • Taxonomy

  • Trend

  • Industry 

  • Defect Chart

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