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Government Program Support Services

QC Verify is a well-established Veteran Owned business and recognized outsource service provider of Quality Control audits with audit technology software for financial industries and agency lending programs across the nation. Through our software and QC Verify products, we provide partners and their clients with the tools to manage lending risk. Our scope is not limited to loan level fraud detection and prevention, but also advising on best practices for a wide range of lending programs. Our goal is to help lenders stay informed about the rapidly evolving programs and the vulnerabilities in lending and securitization portfolios.

The key areas of industry classification, North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes, include:

541211 Office of Certified Public Accountants, Auditing Services, Auditors, Auditing Accountants
541611 Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services, Business Management Consulting Services, Financial Management Consulting
522292 Real Estate Credit, Mortgage Banking, Real Estate Credit Lending, Reverse Mortgage Lending, Loan Correspondents, Home Equity Credit Lending
561450 Credit Bureaus, Credit Investigation Services, Investigation Services Credit
511210 Software Publisher
541511 Custom Computer Programming Services

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Services for QC and Audit

  • HMDA Audits

  • Post-Closing Loan Level Audits

  • Pre-Funding Loan Level Reviews

  • Federal Agency Reviews

  • Pre-Purchase and Securitization Due Diligence Reviews

  • Mortgage Banking Quality Control

  • Credit Fraud Investigation

  • Credit Underwriting

  • Written Policies for Best Practices

  • AML Audits

Our Audits

Post-Closing Loan Audit Solutions

QMS Post-Closing QC audits include a thorough and comprehensive review of loan documents as required by Fannie Mae, Freddie MAC, FHA, VA and USDA respective guidelines for quality control. Offering an aggressive turn-time from the moment files are received.


Comprehensive Post-Closing Audit includes:

  • Management Response portal: 

    • Automatically determine random or targeted file selection at point of onboarding 

    • Manage and cure report findings

  • QC audit and review of all loan documents for program requirements

  • Re-underwriting of the loan 

  • Ordering verification tools such as field review appraisal credit report (FRACR), other ancillary items

  • Risk and data integrity analysis

  • Compliance review

  • Thorough credit analysis and re-underwriting

  • Asset re-verification and tax transcript verification 

  • Detailed management reports (trending and analytical tools)

  • Custom reports

Creative Office

Pre-Funding Audits

Pre-Funding audits are designed to identify defects in data and documentation to meet approval guidelines, achieve timely clear-to-close and/or meet investor funding requirements.


Audits are compliant with standard agency, investor and regulatory guidelines, with analytical reports provided to assist management and executives in compliance and underwriting oversight.

Pre-Funding audits examine:

  • The initial loan application

  • The sales contract

  • Underwriting to agency or investor guidelines

  • Appraisal desk reviews

  • Federal and State Regulatory requirements

Through our proprietary review software platform, the client has access to an intuitive and comprehensive portal, trending reports, charts and analytical tools that assess production.

Servicing Audits

Delivering compliant audit capabilities through our proprietary review software platform, servicers gain access to meaningful support in the following areas:​


  • Loan Administration & Boarding: Review of all processes related to the accuracy of data between the system of record and the documents, and the review of pertinent data such as the calculation of escrow payments, ARM adjustments, and payment posting.

  • Default Management: Thorough review of default and loss mitigation processes and procedures.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Review of practices and documentation for borrowers on military active duty, loans impacted by FEMA-declared disasters and other unique designations or events under regulatory guidance.

  • Customer Service: Intensive review of customer service issues, inclusive of recorded phone calls management, review of borrower conversation notes, complaint tracking, resolution and escalation in line with CFPB guidelines.

Custom Audits

Powered by our proprietary review software offering exclusive audit customization. The benefits of partnering gives clients the opportunity to customize quality control audits, reports and solutions for management to have real-time analytics. Clients will experience intuitive access to tools and analytics through the software platform.

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