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QC Verify

Powered by MARS 
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QC Verify - a revolutionary breakthrough in automating verification processes required for mortgages and other loan products.

Originators now have the opportunity to verify income, assets and employment in a secure environment.  For those situations where data is not available for immediate verifications, lenders need an efficient, reliable and compliant manner for verifying critical information for underwriting approval.  QMS has developed a user-friendly solution to this common obstacle.

  • Reduce fulfillment costs and headaches by alleviating paper processes.

  • Eliminate risk as verification processes are updated real time in MARS.

  • Secure your verification processes with SSL certification and encryption.


How it works

QC Verify works with the MARS platform to verify and store the vast numbers of verifications that are necessary to fulfil underwriting and audit requirements on a monthly basis.  Using a unique barcode and security code, users login to the QC Verify portal to access all documents tied to a particular verification in a secure environment that is specific to the user. All items are verified, date stamped and the data is synchronized with MARS.

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