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QC Verify is ready to assist clients when loans are going into default. QC Verify defends claims made against the originating correspondent for meeting program guidelines to reduce the settlement claim or prevent the repurchase. 

Our team is ready to provide a comprehensive review and evidence to validate our findings.


QC Verify with its team of auditors and verification systems assist financial institutions with loans that have been identified or flagged as a 30-day, 60-day, or 90-day delinquent or the loan is defaulted.  QC Verify validates program guidelines to determine whether the origination and underwriting were properly followed to determine the root causes and effects that may have caused mis-payments or an early payment default (EPD). Most financial institutions have a contractual and regulatory requirement to investigate, report discoveries, provide remedies, and management action plans for delinquent and defaulted loans. QC Verify supports institutions with validated information for proceeding with the required response and actions.


Loans that are identified as a potential repurchase or may be a potential repurchase claim may utilize QC Verify for its expert abilities and verification solution in leveraging data and information gleaned and collected from fusion activities for making a claim against a correspondent for providing loans that breach the contractual Representation and Warranty (Reps & Warrants) agreements. Or leverage QC Verify validation redundancies for defending against a claim for settlement in repurchase loan activities.

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