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Property Validation

Rapidly escalating home values, accompanying historic origination volume, investors and regulators are working diligently to ensure property collateral values are accurate. No one wants to experience property incorrect property values during and economic crisis. To calibrate from traditional appraisal workflow process with exponential technology availability in real estate, agencies are evolving into new ways of assessing property values.  Organizations may offset these traditional methods and the associated risks with desk review solutions.  Appraisal QC solution requirements have become more automated and data centric around the method and technique of the valuation approach, comparable sales, adjustments, and of course the conclusion to the final value.  The appraisal review process may consist of multiple products that provide data points for the assessment of the property. These products may include but not limited to  an Automated Valuation Model (AVM), an agency desk review, an agency valuation produce and possibly an additional field review appraisal. Taking the products into a deeper dive in determining the accuracy of an appraisal can be costly, time-consuming, and may even delay a transaction, delivery activities, delinquency solutions and a claim or defense in repurchase settlements.

QC Verify understands the operational strain and collateral risk associated with a flawed appraisal valuation, whether prior to loan closing, during the post-closing QC process, or at loss mitigation.  Offering desk review validation services on a property’s value is for protecting institutions from financial risks. QC Verify delivers comprehensive validation appraisal review services with appraisal desk review solutions.  The reviewer performs in-depth data analysis for validating the value accuracy for a thorough assessment. The results reported the MARS validation software platform where compiled analytics are accessed for trending reports for real property and production intelligence.

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