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Analyzing Chart

This Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) audit reviews business practices in terms of the Client’s documented AML program and standard regulatory requirements, helping to ensure suspicious or criminal activity is reported and validate the strength off the program overall.


  • Customers Who Provide Insufficient or Suspicious Information

  • Efforts to Avoid Reporting or Recordkeeping Requirement 

  • Funds Transfers

  • Automated Clearing House Transactions               

  • Activity Inconsistent with the Customer's Business

  • Lending Activity

  • Changes in Bank-to-Bank Transactions

  • Cross-Border Financial Institution Transactions

  • Bulk Currency Shipments

  • Trade Finance

  • Privately Owned Automated Teller Machines

  • Insurance

  • Shell Company Activity

  • Embassy and Foreign Consulate Accounts

  • Employees

  • Other Unusual or Suspicious Customer Activity

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