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Designed by QC Professionals for QC Professionals.

Rarely is a solution so powerful that it is used as the platform to run all of a vendor’s proprietary solutions, as well as sold separately... Introducing MARS, Mortgage Analysis Review Software.


Designed by QC professionals for QC professionals, MARS is an intuitive and comprehensive web-based audit solution designed to fulfill today’s regulatory and investor requirements for quality control audit and reporting.

Not a Checklist – MARS is designed to assist experienced QC underwriters by augmenting their skills, as well as rapidly identifying and addressing risk and loan defects.


Audit Solutions

  • Pre-funding QC Audits

  • Post-closing Audits

  • Automated Verification

  • MERS® Audits

  • HMDA Audits & Support

  • AML Audits

  • Taxonomy

  • Defect & Defect Rate Reports

  • Reverification Reports

  • Staff Performance

  • Industry Regulator & Investor Reports

  • ATQ (Audit the QC)

  • Management Action Plan

MARS Benefits

  • Analytical tools and industry reporting that allows management to readily analyze its operation, assess internal processes and identify training opportunities.

  • ATQ (Audit the QC) feature allows the user to audit their QC, satisfying investor guidelines, including Fannie Mae SEL-2013-05. Full cycle audit methodology permits the user generate and track reverification letters.

  • Create random, discretionary and statistical sampling with uploaded loan data.

  • Enhanced Management Response Platform provides continuous updates of agency requirements.

  • The MARS platform is fully equipped with thousands of industry audit questions reflecting regulatory and investor guidelines, as well as customization to support internal QC requirements.

MARS encompasses the most current security measures - QMS is SSAE-16 certified - web-hosting and tech support available.

The perfect fit for mid-sized lenders in need of a flexible and smart QC audit technology solution, MARS offers an advanced auditing platform used by lenders and fueling the QMS suite.

Below are actual MARS screenshots.  Hover over and click on any screen to enlarge image. 


MARS auditor assignment clipboard

This clipboard allows for easy management of the auditor assignments.  Data showing the number of loan files in an assignment, number of files completed, length of time for the assignment, due date, and general notes are available to review and sort.

Client management response

The reviewer uses this clipboard to manage the review of responses or rebuttals for defects issued on loans.  Orders only appear on this clipboard once all defects on an order have a response and the client clicks on the “Notify QC Vendor” button signifying the order is ready for a final review.


Defect data

The information gathered in the analytical tools is and effective way to establish loan quality targets.  Lenders set their own defect rate targets and these reports assist in regularly evaluating and measuring progress of their loan quality.

Response report

Once a report is finalized, a response report is also available for view.  This report will show all defects from the initial report and will state if the defect was cleared or not cleared.  This report also shows the management response provided by the client along with a reviewer response on defects that were not cleared.


Final report

The final report is issued to the client once all responses or rebuttals to the defects have been reviewed.  Defects that were cleared in the management review process will not appear on the final reports and some loans may receive a revised risk rating

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