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Law Consultation

Due Diligence

QC Verify is ready to assist clients with loan validating prior to shipping by offering an extensive or customized review, per client requirements. In these efforts, QC Verify validates the quality and accuracy of mortgage loan packages prior to investor distribution. The qualified staff at QC Verify will ensure that the loan is accurate by reconciling mortgage documents and loan programs for completeness and compliance. The post-closing due diligence audit is vital to mortgage banks selling loans in the secondary markets.

Shipping/Closing Due Diligence

Elevate your post funding processes with QC Verify. Don’t become stalled by lagging efforts to identify and deliver trailing documents to your investors. It’s time to free up your staff that calls, copies, stacks, delivers, and then updates a growing list of post-closing documents.These are valued resources that can be strategically leveraged in more important areas of your business.


Tap into our expanded services specifically created to modernize your existing post-closing, shipping and delivery processes. QC Verify will replace your manual, resource laden activities with automation and sophisticated processes that encompass our industry expertise and proven technology solutions.Our experienced staff, automated verification tracking services, and MARS, Mortgage Analysis Review Software, can be immediately accessed to:

  • Automate Investor Stacking Order & Case Assignment

  • Assemble Shipping Documents

  • Electronically Complete Investor Delivery

  • Identify Missing Information, Data & Documents

  • Provide Consistent Follow Up on Outstanding Items

  • Report on File Status & Exceptions

  • Deliver 24-hour Responsiveness

  • Identify Errors & Analyze Defect Trends

  • Mitigate Repurchases & Rebuttals

  • Effectively Manage Business Contraction & Growth

  • Deliver Service Personalized to Your Business & More

Pre-Purchase Due Diligence

QC verify offers a variety of secondary marketing loan reviews to validate data integrity, agency guidelines, compliance, and collateral. In these efforts, QC Verify validates the quality of loan packages prior to investor purchase. The MARS QC software provides the opportunity to customize audits to the client expectations.

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