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Business Processes

Processing Support

Effective processing is the key to timely, accurate, and efficient origination.  QC Verify understands processing is much more than a checklist, it is about prioritization, timeframes, leveraging data and having a thorough knowledge of documentation requirements and workflows. Utilizing a sophisticated automated approach to cumbersome, manual effort, activities are streamlined, tracked and adjusted as scenarios evolve.


The QC Verify approach is created as a modern manufacturing line, but with extensive communication and third-party collaboration. Each interaction is thought out and created to gather data and documentation that is relevant but also constructed to avoid redundancies or inefficiencies. Your workflows move competently to decision makers, so approvals can be delivered in a timely and complete manner. QC Verify establishes an intelligent path during processing, designed to develop meaningful approval processes that effectively support evolving proprietary, investor and regulatory requirements.

Highlighted Features

  • Pre-Approval & Prequalification Determinations

  • Preliminary Application Analysis

  • Documentation Assessment, Requisition & Management

  • Alternative Documentation Review

  • Credit & Debt Assessment

  • Income & Employment Analysis

  • Self-Employment Income Analysis

  • IRS Tax Transcript Requisition & Review

  •  Asset Evaluation & Substantiation

    • Third-party & Vendor Ordering & Follow up

  • Appraisal & Underwriting QC Reviews

    • Flood Determination, Certification & Review

  • Insurance Coverage Determination

  • Title Requisition, Review & Insurance

  • Verification and Validation Reviews

  • Data QC & Redundancy Scrubs

    • Rate Lock Services

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