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Reviewing Reports at Desk

Quality Control Audits & Compliance Reviews

QC Verify is your validation technology solutions partner for quality control, compliance, and audit testing.

Today’s environment requires organization to assimilate extensive regulatory compliance and industry guidelines into daily workflow and operational practices. QC Verify understands the value of a great partner in this endeavor.  Providing superior customer service, proven validation methodology for information intelligence, solid testing experience with comprehensive reporting tools. 

QC Verify offers the perfect solutions for supporting an organization’s QC requirements.


This is done by validating data and information used for making decision monitored by governing or regulatory policies established by agencies through the QC Verify quality control and verification fulfillment. Validating data and information provides an organization visibility how well the regulatory performance of its production is doing for salability. QC Verify enables organizations to maintaining confidence in the delivery of production to ensure confidence and stability in production operations.

Workflow Fusion


QC Verify tests and affirms data continuity and integrity by validating information to establish the data intelligence posture of a production workflow. These tests are fraud detection activities as part of a company’s fraud prevention efforts. The fraud detection workflows are a series of verification redundancies for the potential discovery of suspicious information or data. QC Verify fuses verification results into an ecosystem of validation. These compliance inspections establish an organization’s policy intelligence. These analytics is the score card of a company’s policy intelligence so that leaders are empowered to make executive decisions. QC Verify analytics is the fusion of data and information from the validation ecosystem that has verified the production quality, salability and delivery of a production or portfolio to investors for the investor’s portfolio stability.

QC Verify delivers a full suite of validation fulfillment solutions and reports powered by the Material Analysis Review Software (MARS), a state-of-the-art proprietary validation technology. Intuitive. Comprehensive. QC Software.


We assist organizations with targeted, random, statistical and discretionary quality control validation services as required by the respective agencies.


Pre / Post Closing QC

Shipping / Purchase Due Diligence

Verification Services

Targeted / Discretionary Reviews

Default / Repurchase Services

Desk Reviews

Servicing QC Solutions

Targeted / Discretionary Reviews

MERS® Reviews

HMDA Validation

Federal Regulatory Reviews

Anti-money Laundering Detection

Post-Closing Audits

QC Verify Post-Closing QC audits include a thorough and comprehensive review of loan documents as required by Fannie Mae, Freddie MAC, FHA, VA, and USDA respective guidelines for quality control. Our clients enjoy a complete customer service friendly management response experience as our team is ready to assist your team with curing or addressing any findings in the reports through our MARS Management Response portal.

Clients also enjoy these benefits and many more.

  • Detailed management reports, trends, and analytical tools available through the portal

  • Custom reports at no charge

  • MORA Audit support at no charge

  • Rebuttal process at no charge

  • MAP (Management Action Plan)

  • Comprehensive verification results and reports


We also offer credit and loan audits for companies that may have Non-QM products, EPDs (Early Payment Default) activities, Denial (Adverse) applications and Federal Regulatory requirements, and loan Repurchase requirements based on the respective level of lending and banking needs.

Pre-Funding Audits

QC Verify Pre-Funding audits are designed to identify loan or credit defects or items in a loan that should be addressed before the loan goes to closing. The QC Verify standard Pre-Funding turnaround time is 48 hours but also offers 7-12 hrs. completion per the client’s request. Our audits are compliant with the recent agency guidelines to produce analytical reports that management and executives need to assess portfolio and production quality.

Our Pre-funding audits offer the following modules:

  • Credit & Underwriting Analysis

  • Property Data & Collateral

  • Regulatory Compliance


We also offer expedite or rush report deliveries per client requirements.

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