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Servicing QC

Simplify your Servicing quality control with due diligent reviews and audit functions with solutions securing compliance checks and validations of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) mortgage servicing rules, updated Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Handbook guidelines, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guides updates, as well as other ongoing regulatory requirements for Servicers.  QC Verify offers data reconciliation, annual reports, document reviews and other types of servicing validations for QC in its proprietary software powered by the MARS technology.

The QC Verify Servicing QC validation platform helps servicers bring technical innovation for QC solutions to their operation.  Delivering compliant validation capabilities through the Material Analysis Review Software (MARS) verification system, servicers gain access to meaningful support in the following areas:

Servicer Boarding Validation

Verifies information and data in the origination file for the first 120 days.

- General Information

- Servicing Transfers

- Servicer Boarding

- Loan Information

- Loan Information

- Title Policy

ARM Loans (Rate Adjustments)

- Escrowed Loans

– Hazard

– Flood

- Loans with PMI

- Forced Placed Insurance

Servicer Administrative Review

Verifies information and data at the origination file, pay history, and servicing notes/comments for 12, 24 or 36 months including the most recent customer comments and data to validate the servicer’s policies and regulations were followed.

- Loss Mitigation Attempted

- Modification

- Repayment Plan (Escrow Shortage)

- Forbearance

- Short Sale


- Foreclosure

- Bankruptcy

- Active SCRA

- Evidence of Litigation

- Evidence of Fraud

- Deceased Borrower

- Damage

- FEMA Disaster Area

- MI Mentioned

- Title Issue

- Delinquent Taxes

- Escrow Shortage

- Property Listed

- Property Under Contract

- 3rd Party Realtor


- Eviction Requested

- Coronavirus Mentioned

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