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Revolutionary Breakthrough in Verification Process and Automation

QC Verify is pleased to offer verification solutions that incorporate efficiencies and cost savings to your processes.

Mortgage Banking and Financial Institutions

Reverifications is becoming the centerpiece of the QC Verify quality control program.  The success of our quality control program depends directly on the resources and planning devoted to this area. At QC Verify, we provide unique tools designed to incorporate efficiencies and cost-effective solutions to the lending and quality control verification process.


QC Verify fully automates the verification and reverification of income and employment, as well as rental history and gift letter acknowledgement. Our unique and proprietary platform offers a secure environment that greatly simplifies processes required by regulators, government agencies and investors for processing, underwriting, pre-close and post-close quality control of mortgages.

Option 1
Traditional – Industry standard

QC Verify is pleased to offer verification solutions that incorporate efficiencies and cost savings to your processes.

Option 2
Advanced – Unlimited attempts to reverify

Under this scenario, the lender has the option of paying for additional reverification attempts. Each attempt is designed to meet a lender’s unique preferences for frequency, intervals, and mode of reverification, including mail, phone, or fax.

Option 3
We do it all

Our latest offering allows the lender to migrate the entire reverification process to QC Verify, plus our team will improve your success rate! A QC Verify specialist will initiate, follow-up and track the entire process, using as many attempts as possible and modes of collection available to secure the reverification response.

Benefits of a Process Improvement that:

  • Completes all verification related tasks in an automated and efficient manner.

  • Yields costs savings by eliminating cumbersome manual processes and reducing fulfillment costs.

  • Provides process oversight, status tracking and verification reporting.

  • Improves turn times for receipt of verification document and data confirmation.

  • Prevents misrepresentation and propagation of borrower fraud.

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Contact us today to learn more about how our team can improve your verification success rate.

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