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Repurchase Defense and Loan Buy Back Audits

Quality Mortgage Services has been a proven industry leader for over 20 years. As a result, we know the steps and strategies your company should take in order to guarantee success. Our successful history ensures that you can trust us to perform repurchase defense.

Quality Mortgage Services has been performing repurchase defense or responses to claim letters before the mortgage periodicals were writing about repurchase defense and loan put backs in the papers and magazines. There are hundreds of post closing quality control and QC consultants who magically appeared who claim to be experts in mortgage loan repurchase defense, loan buy back audits, and loan put back rebuttals.

Think about it... do you want a company to perform a rebuttal on a repurchase claim for you who has only been around since the bust of the subprime bubble? There is too much money at risk to trust a green company in such an endeavor. The owner may have performed repurchase rebuttals while working for a large bank somewhere but what about the staff and auditors? With the volume of repurchase claims that the industry is facing why risk it? Quality Mortgage Services has been addressing repurchase defense and mortgage claim rebuttals since the inception and the QC auditors have proven success.

At Quality Mortgage Services, we work hard to make sure that your business has the tools and resources necessary for success. We provide a specific set of services for mortgage companies which will enable them to operate successfully. Contact us today with any questions that you may have.

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