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Quality Mortgage Services is merging to become QC Verify, LLC

Representing the continued evolution of quality control and audit technology, QMS, a recognized mortgage audit outsource provider, is merging with QC Verify – A revolutionary full-service automated industry audit platform.

Quality Mortgage Services (QMS) is pleased to announce that they are merging with QC Verify, LLC, a proven, data-driven audit solution provider. Having evolved from a recognized industry due diligence file examiner to a sophisticated quality control and audit technology solutions company, QMS is excited to merge their industry expertise into the innovative QC Verify framework. Representing progressive technology that was fully tested and released prior to the company’s launch in 2020 as an independent solution provider, QC Verify characterizes a modern brand for today’s mortgage industry needs.

This merger will also encompass QMiS Systems, LTD, a subsidiary of QMS. QMiS Systems represents the future of BPO and SS engagement, delivering process automation solutions that support the entire mortgage life cycle from origination through servicing. QMiS Systems allows businesses to automate processes and operational practices on an ala carte or entity-wide basis.

The distinctive combination of QMS, QMiS Systems, and QC Verify solutions, now available through a single contemporary third-party provider platform, delivers unrivaled sophistication, security and digitization of industry processes. QC Verify delivers modern solutions in a boutique style that encompasses the individual uniqueness and value proposition of each respective client. The QC Verify focus will continue to embrace this approach to client engagement excellence and superior service, while elevating process automation, quality control, digitization, data validity and analysis, in addition to reducing costs and risks associated with outdated industry practices.

Quality Mortgage Services Owner and CEO, Tommy Duncan, will continue to lead the combined

organization as a majority partner to the transaction. Tommy’s vision and leadership has been fundamental in establishing QMS as a premier provider of industry quality control solutions. QC Verify will also be headed by Founder, Claudia Duncan, well known in the industry as the president of QMS, the mortgage quality control and audit technology solutions company. In this capacity, Claudia has exhibited her keen ability to deliver quality control and audit solutions, personalized to client needs and simultaneously addressing the stern yet evolving regulatory landscape.

For nearly a decade Claudia Duncan has fostered her vision to create a client focused team of industry professionals. A quest that has readily come to fruition and is exemplified in superior operations, cutting edge marketing strategies, and a culture of excellence that is unsurpassed in the business. “We are excited to announce the partnership merger of QMS and QMiS Systems into the QC Verify framework, at a time when the industry needs client-centric, data-driven automation more than ever.” Claudia added that, “Having helped cultivate the various offerings previously delivered under the individual business lines of QMS, QMiS Systems and QC Verify, we are excited to release a full-service platform that represents the best attributes of each and syndicates the full breadth of innovation and automated support for our clients, as well as the mortgage industry.”

About QC Verify QC Verify is an independent provider of technologically savvy audit and verification solutions. Automating outdated processes in a secure environment that includes advanced data and document security to ensure privacy standards are met and industry risk is mitigated. QC Verify delivers the confidence needed to ensure mortgage banking operations are fulfilled, and quality control and audit processes are wholly verified with sophisticated automation. All QC Verify processes and workflows have been tested and fine-tuned for accuracy in today’s data driven environment. This ensures a unique innovative experience that protects the proprietary relevance of our clients, delivered through a cost effective and compliant suite of solutions. The company is headquartered in Brentwood, TN. For more information on this revolutionary breakthrough in quality control and process automation, please email

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