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Quality Mortgage Services for Mortgage Servicing QC

Companies in the mortgage industry world face many complex challenges. At QMS, we understand those challenges and have proven solutions for them.

As we know all too well, the myriad issues that have challenged the mortgage industry have not been limited to front-end originations. The mortgage servicing environment has been given a level of scrutiny like never before and investors, regulators and consumers are demanding the highest level of quality performance for every aspect of the mortgage servicing function.

Quality Mortgage Services recognizes this need and is pleased to provide its servicing quality control program or its mortgage quality control software, MARS.

This program provides mortgage servicing QC reviews of:

  • Loan Administration

  • Default Management

  • Foreclosure Processes

  • REO

  • Regulatory Compliance

Our MARS program and mortgage servicing QC audit reviews includes reviews for all investor types. We can also customize itfor private sector requirements as well.

Worries about specific aspects of your program can be addressed through our customization of servicing audit reviews and MARS. We will assist you in selecting the right sample and provide meaningful reports that answer the question, “Do I have a problem or don’t I?” We will provide detailed servicing QC reports servicing QC reports that will allow you to understand the depth and severity of the results and if requested we will assist you in addressing the problems by identifying the most beneficial improvement approach such as process changes, technology changes or training.

At Quality Mortgage Services, we work hard to make sure that your business has the tools and resources necessary for success. We provide a specific set of services for mortgage companies which will enable them to operate successfully. No other mortgage quality control organization has the depth of knowledge and experience. We bring you individuals with experience in the mortgage servicing and mortgage banking industry to guide you in setting up the program that works for you. Contact us today with any questions that you may have.

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