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Are You Getting The Most From Your QC System?

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Quality Mortgage Services (QMS) has announced a significant upgrade to the industry-proven quality control audit platform, MARS, Mortgage Analyst Review Software. The new MARS system enhancements represent QMS’ most recent efforts to help solve industry compliance obstacles.This latest version delivers a truly innovative breakthrough in automating the full spectrum of the quality control audit process, adding greater visibility into meaningful audit data, more sophisticated analytics, setup tools and navigational access, all of which continue to create efficiency where financial institutions need it most, in quality and risk.

The MARS upgrade incorporates previous functionality housed in the QMS PORTAL system, as well as offering innovative enhancements that assist financial institutions in managing their QC audit processes more quickly and effectively, to include:

  • Snapshot – A unique preview pane that provides a “snap shot” of your audit highlights from the home page.

  • Quick Access – Users can easily access shortcuts and all major menus from the home page.

  • Secure file upload to MARS can be completed directly from your desktop or with Sharefile.

  • MARS supports all aspects of Post-closing, Pre-funding, Federal Regulatory, Adverse Action, and Anti-Money Laundering QC audits.

Financial institutions with access to the MARS platform through QMS are able to view the status of audits in process, and thus readily identify exceptions, determine delays in file or document delivery, as well as distinguish less productive departments based on speed and accuracy of corrective actions. Audit functionality is more readily accomplished through simple access paths, providing shortcuts to audit creation.You can now create and track multiple audits for all of your business channels.Additionally, users can migrate from one audit to another, as well as easily navigate webpages from any point on the page.Most importantly, the enhanced MARS platform offers the unique opportunity to automate existing manual processes, without reinventing them in a manner that is only partially compliant.

Tommy Duncan, President of QMS, was quoted in a recent press release as saying, “We are excited to expand the MARS platform to offer a single location for audit, analytics, invoicing and reporting, that aids QMS in delivering superior QC services to its clients.” QMS is a family owned business that has provided due diligence solutions for the financial services arena since 1982. The QMS product suite has grown its specialization in post-closing, pre-funding and servicing quality control and audit, with expertise that extends to MERS® reconciliation, HMDA and AML audits. QMS also offers solutions that satisfy investor and agency funding requirements, meeting VA, FHA, USDA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guidelines.

During this unprecedented time of deregulation, policy disruption and risk aversion, partnering with providers that understand the mortgage business from the ground up, and have technical expertise, is a critical component for success.QMS offers long-standing industry experience and has a track record of successfully automating tedious, manual processes.This is a great opportunity to re-evaluate how your institution manages its quality control processes and audit practices.Visit us at and to see how innovation can empower your internal processes.

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