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A Secure, Automated Alternative to the Verification Process

QC Verify offers a secure automated alternative to verification and reverification by mail or phone.  Developed on an innovative platform that reinvents antiquated manual processes in a manner that protects against fraud, meets sophisticated cyber security requirements, and prevents wrongful access to Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Lenders, landlords, employers, or other users of the platform are able to easily gain browser access to the QC Verify portal, where they can generate, track and receive verifications.

1.    Configure portal data collection using templates or customize to meet proprietary needs and requirements.
2.    Access secure user-friendly portal to submit your verification request.
3.    Upload letters, checklists, forms, or other documents relevant to the verification transaction.
4.    Provide Borrower Authorization Form (mortgage loans) or other applicable authorization included as a part of rental packages, employment applications and corresponding documents. 
5.    Identify fields to be verified -or- provide fields and data to be reverified.
6.    Input recipient information, as well as borrower, renter, employee or gift doner data.
7.    Submit to receive corresponding barcode used to align and track all related actions and documents.
8.    Select fulfillment process to begin verification – Verification options include print, in addition to secure fax or email with electronic link to documents.
9.    Secure credentials are generated and associated with assigned user roles.
10.    Recipient options consist of mail response, in addition to fax or email, which creates secure validation, submission and eSign through attestation.
11.    All actions are validated, date-stamped, and corresponding data is exportable.

Financial Report

Reporting is available on all transactions, with barcode identifiers used to trace activity.  The corresponding documents however are deleted once the verification process has been completed in order to maintain privacy and security.

The sophisticated and secure QC Verify platform creates simplicity, efficiency and cost savings that are realized immediately.  Revolutionizing outdated practices, QC Verify is a business support tool that will change the verification and data validation process as we know it.
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