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QC Verify Benefits are Multifaceted

The benefits gained with QC Verify are multifaceted, from migrating manual practices to operating in a secure automated environment, including data capture, authentication, verification, and reporting.

Process Improvement

•    Completes all verification related tasks in an automated and efficient manner.
•    Yields cost savings by eliminating cumbersome manual processes and reducing fulfillment costs.
•    Provides process oversight, status tracking and verification reporting.
•    Improves turn times for receipt of verification documents and data confirmation.
•    Prevents misrepresentation and propagation of borrower fraud.

•    Protects borrower information from being compromised.
•    Offers access to automated verification best practices and tutorials.

Programming Console

Technology Innovation and Security

•    Automates antiquated verification processes, including document preparation and mailings.
•    Offers the ability to bundle and export verification requests.
•    Enables data field and checklist customization or access to templates for ease of set up.
•    Provides secure verification processes incorporating SOC 2, SSL certification and encryption.
•    Captures IP addresses for added security.
•    Reinforces long term data security by deleting all documents once the verification process is complete.

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