A unique tool designed to incorporate efficiencies and cost effective solutions to the lending and Quality Control verification process.

As the mortgage industry moves closer and closer to full digitization, it seems inconsistent that income and employment continue to be predominantly verified and reverified manually. This practice can be cumbersome, creates process delays, and is prone to fraud risk. Under pandemic influence, overseeing a manual verification process becomes even more complex as industries migrate to remote work environments.  Ensuring verifications are sent, received and properly completed within required timeframes is difficult under normal circumstances, but in today’s workplace the margin for error can increase significantly. 

QC Verify fully automates the verification and reverification of income and employment, as well as rental history and gift letter acknowledgement. Leveraging technology developed in 2016, the QC Verify platform offers a secure environment that greatly simplifies processes required by regulators, government agencies and investors for processing, underwriting, pre-close and post close quality control of mortgages.

QC Verify offers a revolutionary breakthrough in automating verification processes that have changed little over the years yet have been subjected to ongoing regulatory change and oversight guidance. Not exclusive to mortgage verification, the QC Verify platform also facilitates verification of employment and income sources for home equity products, rehabilitation loans, rental property management, and employer recruiting.

While other third-party tools provide automated access to income and/or employment data, these solutions are strictly tied to larger employers that enter into an agreement with the vendor.  Numerous applicants do not work for these employers; subsequently these third-party tools are not able to verify or reverify income or employment for many loan, rental or employment candidates.  
Due to strict bank policies, QC Verify is not used to validate bank assets.