Who We Are

QC Verify is a well-established leader and outsource provider of audits, QC software, verification solutions and fulfillment processes to mortgage lenders, banking institutions, credit unions and financial industries across the nation.

Since our founding in January 1999, the company has blazed the trail as the mortgage industry transitioned from paper to digital documentation and we continue to do so today in an ever-changing industry.

We are the creators of the QC Verify verification process: a revolutionary breakthrough in verification development automation. Our MARS QC software is second to none and provides user-friendly, first-class portals and processes to our clients.  QC Verify provides Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA, USDA and portfolio Post-Closing, Pre-Purchase, Pre-Funding, Servicing, MERS, Closing Due Diligence, HMDA, Desk Reviews, and other custom audits to clients nationwide. In addition, we provide fulfillment services designed to add cost saving efficiencies to companies in various industries.

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What We Do


Quality Control

Audits, QC plans and verification solutions that meet today’s organizational compliance needs.  QC Verify is a leading provider of QC audits and reports to satisfy agency requirements, specializing in pre-funding, pre-purchase, servicing, due diligence, post-closing, early payment default and other industry audits.


QC Software Technology

Intuitive web-based audit technology solutions that strengthen existing internal programs.  Designed by QC professionals for QC professionals, QC Verify leverages its MARS proprietary web-based audit software to fulfill today’s regulatory and investor requirements.


Verification Support

Augment the existing verification process with a secure automated solution that authenticates income, employment, identity, and other related data. QC Verify offers the platform or the staff ready to conduct phone verifications and fulfill the needs for originating and QC departments.


Fulfillment Services

QC Verify delivers modern process automation and support solutions that are designed to meet your unique needs, when and where you need them. QC Verify delivers modern process automation and support solutions that are designed to meet your unique needs, when and where you need them.

What Sets Us Apart

We shine in customer service, responsiveness, support, and flexibility.

QC Verify offers effectiveness and objectiveness advantages over in-house mortgage auditing, as well as the competition. As a mortgage QC Company, QC Verify is able to ensure that mortgage fraud detection efforts are rigorous and unbiased through the use of compliant mortgage quality control procedures and due diligence audit reviews.